News from the Behrendt Lab

11’th December 2020

Exciting new paper in Nature protocols

(Lars being co-author)

Brief summary: This paper describes the necessary steps to perform ‘RACS’: Raman activated cell sorting. By incubating microorganisms with stable isotopes RACS can sort cells based on their metabolic activity via a specialized microfluidic platform. For more in-depth information read the commentary here.


2’nd November 2020

Newest member of the Behrendt Lab: Chiara Buonfrate

In her master thesis, Chiara will assess the effects of chemicals on single cells of phytoplankton. To do this she will use advanced hydrogel microfluidic devices and combine this with high-throughput automated microscopy to assess the heterogeneity among cells. Excited to see first results come in soon!

Welcome Chiara!


6’th October 2020

PhD and Postdoctoral opportunities through the Centre for Digital Life, Norway

Are you working or studying at the Centre for Digital Life in Norway? If so, there is now a fantastic opportunity to apply for a 3-year project to join my (SciLifeLab-associated) group.

Work in my lab is centered around the data driven investigation of pollutant effects under recreated and natural scenarios and thus aligns well with SciLifeLab’s long-term strategy on data driven science. A good candidate should have interest in one, or more, of the following topics: microfluidics, image analysis, machine learning, microalgal phenotyping and/or multiple stress theory.

Interested? If so, read more about the application procedure and matchmaking process here:

Looking forward to hearing from you and to meet you at the matchmaking event on the 21’st of October!


2’nd September 2020

PhenoChip manuscript finally out!

Brief summary: PhenoChip enables the observation and selection of single microalgae cells based on their phenotype. A useful tool for ecosystem restoration (full story here) and ecotoxicology!


11’th June 2020

Two year postdoc position in ‘Ectoxicology-on-a-chip’

Excited to receiving your excellent application and welcoming you soon in Uppsala! Questions? Send an e-mail to


1’st May 2020

Newest member of the Behrendt Lab: Yuan Cui

Yuan joined the Behrendt lab in May 2020. In her project, Yuan will develop a microfluidic platform to measure the metabolism in single marine phytoplankton cells. The platform will form a core pillar of her PhD work in assessing the environmental impacts on cells with a focus on heterogeneity within populations.

Welcome Yuan!


1’st March 2020

Newest member of the Behrendt Lab: Linhong Xiao

Linhong joined the Behrendt lab in March 2020. In her project, Linhong will investigate combined temperature and pollutant effects on important phytoplankton species. 

Welcome Linhong!


10’th October 2019

VR-grant awarded

We are thankful for the generous support of the Swedish research council for establishing ‘Ecotoxicology-on-a-chip’ technologies